Some Writing Tips


Someone who has a blog I sometimes tune in to wrote something about teaching people to write and got a bit of negative response.  I too chimed in in a civil way, and gave him the following feedback, since he … Continue reading

Metaphorical Writing 4/27/2013


Spring fever has finally melted the heart of this year’s snow, but the buds are still hesitant and shy, while my spring cleaning is officially underway.  Its time for a long drive with my car poking its head up and … Continue reading

Metaphorical Story: Leaf by Niggle

This short story is in PDF form and comes from the Tolkien Reader: A friend referred me to it yesterday, as I was finishing up a paper called Story, Myth and Magic ©Roseroberta, which will be up here by the summer.  I think the idea in this story is rather beautiful, and I hope you enjoy it.

Metaphorical Writing for 4/19/2013


There is always a deep sense of peace in the light of snow.  The big tree outside of my window is covered, but the snow unsatisfied with how it had tricked my mind into the desire for the comfort of … Continue reading

Posted 4/17 on Facebook


When a society loses its ability to feel how they are connected to the social consciousness and is so alienated that the only way it can feel part of the fabric of society is to empower outside forces in a … Continue reading