Coffin of Dreams

It was day, but it is night now.

Light is turning off

One Switch after another

Congealing the fate of the day.

I want to slam the door on those who sleep

Waking them up to finish our conversations.

My dreams have been like coffins

For unfinished business affairs

With the jury still out, but

The memories buried

And the coffin sealed shut against tomorrow.

Moss blocking a line of a tombstone’s

Melody sungĀ in difference–

Go home again.

Go home again!



1/25/2013 Metaphor for the Day

TODAY’S METAPHOR: The image of a bonnet flying in the wind feels cold in winter and opens our hearts on a sunny Spring day, so too what we dream sits differently depending on the field it’s placed in.

My New Meetup Group on Metaphor in MN


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