We have walked on different paths,

And laid claim to different priorities.

Still, lingering in some of the same

Spots along the path to see the views

We caught glimpse of similar lookouts.

Sometimes, I was there in winter, while

You visited the spot summer or fall.

The scent of betrayals of our bodies

And along the borderlands of time

From those whose life stretched

To the breaking point of truth

Sheds stories–some we live with

And some we learn from.

There is in all of this

An invisible flight of wings

Touching the sky circling

And flying down to earth

To home again where we meet

On two sides of a bridge–

One recognizing the other

Bridged by the invisible.

Happy Belated Birthday


Carl Jung Quotes

I love these quotes.  Some wonderful metaphors in them.  I think I will put some of them at the beginning of chapters in the book I am writing.

Happy Musings!

Metaphorical Writing 6/13/2013

So long without the light and shadows playing on the ground.  It had become so devoid of light dancing on the leaves, the rooftops that, now, it feels like someone had placed an oil rig turned upside down to pull the light down to earth and her struggling mortals, after days of the sun’s endless tears for us.

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Metaphorical Writing 3/7/2013


The Bug Pain surrounds me and leaves me fitful While exhaustion grips me, but will not Let me enter sleep. I do not even want to Lift my limbs to stand. I lay in bed half in dream And half … Continue reading