The Sky About to Cry

It is not quite full yet.

The yellow jacket nest is still.

The trees are awake to a grey brightness;

The still clouds are grey filled.

The last shower nests

On the pavement floor, but

The sun has not toweled it up in arms.

I am watching the moisture, which

tilting down to my feet asks me

to drink of fluids flowing

from another’s mouth.

Metaphorical Writing with Photo for 6/10/2013


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I don’t believe it when the sun comes out.  You’d have to live in MN to understand the rotting May and June plants gone to mold, though some succeeded in spite of it all.  Three days weather report:  Saturday sun … Continue reading

Metaphor for 4/13/2013


I sip coffee with the rain of words coming down almost like a hailstorm, so bent on their objective that they don’t see the dents they make hammering in their perspective lost from the defense of something deeper, which they … Continue reading

Metaphorical Writing for the Day 4/11/2013


My monitor is on yellow.  The screen is black.  I press the button and there is my desktop like a new computer with no documents, no photos and no schoolwork like a ghost in the night playing tricks with me.  … Continue reading